STEM report card: Grading the states

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The 100Kin10 initiative aims to add 100,000 science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teachers to classrooms within 10 years.

As the program seeks to create these teaching jobs, are there states that lag behind the rest in terms of STEM education?

Use the drop-down below to see state-level data on STEM-related education and future job availability.

One comment on “STEM report card: Grading the states

  1. Phillip McGuinn says:

    Not completely sure but I hope one of the 100,000 new teachers understands subject verb agreement–Would it not be more correct “ARE 100,000 new STEM Teachers enough???”” Maybe it just sounds better and it did take me two tries to pass spelling/grammar test from RTVMP in 1982. Cheers

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