Colorado school district uses supply and demand to determine salaries

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In order to attract higher quality teachers, save money, and strengthen STEM fields, a Colorado school district changed their pay scale for teachers. Before the 2012-2013 hiring period, Douglas County School District, used the ‘step-in-lane’ system for determining teacher salaries. This system took into account the degree of education the teacher had and the amount of years they’d taught.

“That’s been in the system now for 92 years so it didn’t matter if you were a PE teacher or a calculus teacher you were still looked at based on your years of service and your degree that you’ve earned,” says Brian Cesare, the district’s chief HR officer and the man responsible for the school’s new systemmarket based pay.

 So what is market based pay? The infographic below explains it.


The Teacher Market (Infographic made by Samantha Harrington using Piktochart)

One comment on “Colorado school district uses supply and demand to determine salaries

  1. Mrs. Johnson says:

    So the goal, as I understand it, is to bring in more applicants to harder to fill positions, but of course once this succeeds in bringing in a larger number of applicants, the salary in those positions will then go down. Hmmm… at what point in the process will they disclose the actual salary for the position. I guess this approach in Douglas County is being used with all school personal since the comparative example in the “info graphic” cites school nurses as well as teaching staff. Assuming this line of reasoning, only one principal is needed per building…but if 2 apply that is a 200% applicant field….hmmm… many schools are in this district? Of course there is only 1 superintendent and 1 chief HR officer…my! how their pay would be altered if only a handful of people applied to their position! Gotta love market economics. Now if only we would run the schools like Wall Street.

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